Keyword shortcut bookmarks in Google Chrome

Firefox has a great feature where you can add a short keyword for a bookmark. It's not immediately obvious as to how you can do it in Chrome.

Chrome calls them custom search engines, but they can be any URL you like. If you import bookmarks from Firefox they'll automatically be saved as custom search engines (although the Tags and Description fields will be ignored).

Simple keyword shortcuts for bookmarks

  1. Open the Custom Search Engine preferences by either:
  2. Navigating to chrome://settings/searchEngines
  3. Or, right-clicking in the address field
  4. Fill in the name, shortcut and URL fields
  5. Hit Enter/Return and the bookmark is saved
  6. Open a new tab Cmd/Ctrl + T and enter the shortcut you saved

Keyword shortcut for string search

This method allows you to pass an argument to a keyword shortcut, allowing you to use a bookmark as a search engine; this is the intended use of the custom search engine.

  1. Open the CSE preferences.
  2. Fill in the name & shortcut fields.

modify the keywords GET parameter to "%s" like so:
  1. Hit Return/Enter and your bookmark is saved
  2. Open a new tab Cmd/Ctrl + T
  3. Enter your keyword—in this case it's "deb"— followed by your search term, "python", for example