FOSS projects that I maintain and contribute to. Other odds and ends can be found at the full repo list and my gists.


The static site generator Pelican powers the current version of this site. I run a slightly modified fork; full source is available per the GNU Affero GPL.

I've written a plugin and a glue module to allow authors who prefer HTML markup to run Pygments on source code fragments:

  • html_jinja2: adds support for custom Jinja2 extensions to render HTML article content in Pelican.
  • Plumage: runs the Pygments formatter as a Jinja2 extension (works well with html_jinja2).


I'm a contributor to the Mezzanine Django CMS project. I highly recommend it; Stephen McDonald and other contributors have produced the best CMS I've used. Just like Django it's powerful under the hood but easy enough to learn in a weekend. Check out the source from GitHub.

Python VM Quickstart

Sets up an Ubuntu-based Vagrant VM for a Django project. Uses Ansible for provisioning basics like Python pip & virtualenv then builds virtual environment from your requirements.txt. Also sets up PostgreSQL client & server. Public GitHub repo here.

Vim quick-start config for Web Development

I've been working on a quick-start setup for vim that you can clone and get running on new machines or VPS/Cloud instances without too many dependencies. Visit the public GitHub repository for vim-webdev for more info.

It's especially useful for Python, HTML, CSS, JS syntaxes with some nice colorschemes that won't melt your brain late at night.

Last updated: 19 February 2014